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The Project is to raise funds for FIZA charitable trust and the same is used to meet the essential daily needs of poor people to boost their lives. FIZA is a non-governmental organization registered as a public charitable trust in Telangana, India.
FIZA has carried out various programs fr poor people like:

  • School bags and stationary distribution to poor students
  • Cash distribution to old age people
  • Food distribution at hospitals and etc.
  • Cheques distribution at hospitals and etc.
  • Marriage furniture distribution to poor people.
The organization has various programmes running for children, handicapped people and etc. Presently the funds for the projects are raised from crowd funding platforms like donation boxed kept at various places in the name of FIZA charitable trust and receiving trust and receiving from friends and well-wishers.


This is my first associating with you for helping out people with the best of my Knowledge and skills. I am delighted to be in Hyderabad, capital city of Telangana state in India. The FIZA CHARITABLE TRUST envisions inclusive and empowered lives and serving to the needs of people and works towards upbringing of the societies. Raising funds is the most critical task for social organization and i took up task of helping the trust in doing so. My missions in this trust is looking into details of various activities and help the organization to excel into those. I visited various places in this city and came to know about the challenges faced by the people like students, handicapped persons and windows etc. Who are suffering from daily needs. The organization FIZA CHARITABLE TRUST came forward to help them in channelizing their lives and reaching out to the world on their behalf. This itself gave a sense of accomplishment for the trust and pride for myself to be working with the organization which is working for such a great cause.

Responsibilities of Trustee​

The trustee are responsible for keeping accounting records as per the accounting guidelines which will be disclosed with reasonable accuracy, the financial position of the charity and enable them to ascertain to ensure that the accounts company with the act and the provisions of the trust deed they also responsible for safeguarding the assets of the trust and hence for taking reasonable for safeguarding the assets of the trust and hence for taking reasonable ssteps for the prevention and detection of fraud and other irregularities the trustee are responsible for the maintenance and integrity of the trust and financial information.

Methadology used

Aim – The aim of the project is to create awareness among as much people as possible about the trust which aims at making human settlements equitable living environments where all residents and vulnerable people have access to health, education, essential infrastructure services and livelihood options, irrespective of their economic and social status. It was also essential to reach out to corporate to involve them for CSR activities which can help NGOs fund their projects.

Creating Trust Awareness

Apart from the existing people, to whom we are giving livelihood encouragement, need to create awareness in the city through various campaigns and e-media which would help in creating the awareness.

Approach existing donors for donations

Reach out to existing donors who are in touch with the trust in the past and new donors who are interested to donate with humanity, approach them for funding the existing & upcoming projects of the organization

The Project is to raise funds for FIZA charitable trust


  • REGD. No. 92/13
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